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Our Practice Areas

Our team of criminal defence lawyers work effortlessly to resolve your criminal case. Our criminal lawyers provide services in Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Collingwood, Newmarket, Toronto, Hamilton and Barrie. We encourage you to call our office for your free 30-minute telephone consultation and speak to a criminal lawyer immediately.

Offences Against Persons

We cover all areas of offences against persons. Some assault allegations differ in seriousness and may include simple assault, domestic or spousal assault, uttering death threats, criminal harassment, assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, aggravated assault, assaulting a peace officer, and even sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon, sexual interference, aggravated assault and even kidnapping, child neglect, homicide, murder, criminal negligence, child pornography cases.

Drug Offences

Some drug offences may include simple possession charges; possession for the purpose of trafficking charges; grow-op or production/manufacturing drugs charges; and even importing drugs. The majority of these drug charges stem from Schedule I drugs such as opium, codeine, morphine, amphetamines and methamphetamines (including crystal meth), heroin, oxycodone, ketamine, cocaine, etc. The drugs under Schedule II include cannabis marij(h)uana.

Property Offences

We handle property offences, including theft under $5000, theft over $5000, credit card fraud, breaking and entering, tresspass, destroying documents, robbery and extortion, mischief under $5000, mischief over $5000, fraud, forging or falsifying documents, shoplifting, employee breach of trust, mischief related to data and unauthorized use of computer data.

Driving Offences

Some driving offences include dangerous driving; fleeing from police; street racing; failing to stop at the scene of an accident, drive or care or control while impaired or Over 80 mgs; DWI; DUI; refuse or fail to provide a breath or blood sample; refuse with demand; driving Over 80 mgs; refusing breath sample; impaired driving; drive disqualified; criminal negligence; as well as other driving offences.

Our Legal Team

We are a team of criminal lawyers and legal professionals with experience in a vast amount of criminal charges. Our lawyers are dedicated and committed to providing aggressive and skilled representation to defend our clients' interests. We have extensive and combined trial experience defending cases in various levels of court in Ontario, including the Ontario Court of Justice, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and the Court of Appeal of Ontario. Our lawyers are licensed in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada and we are members of the Peel Criminal Lawyers' Association, the Criminal Lawyers' Association, the Ontario Bar Association, the Peel Law Association, the Hamilton Criminal Lawyers Association, the Canada Bar Association, and the Hamilton Law Association. Contact our office today to speak with a lawyer about your case. We are dedicated criminal lawyers serving clients in Mississauga, Brampton, Peel, Halton, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Barrie, Collingwood and Toronto


Our firm routinely appears in the following jurisdictions:

Dufferin/Peel Courthouses

  • Brampton Ontario Court of Justice
  • A. Grenville and William Davis Court
  • Mississauga ProvincialCourt
  • Ray Lawson Provincial Court
  • Orangeville Ontario Court of Justice

Halton/Hamilton Courthouses

  • Milton Ontario Court of Justice
  • Hamilton Ontario Court of Justice
  • Burlington Ontario Court of Justice

Toronto Courts

  • 1000 Finch Avenue West
  • 2201 Finch Avenue West
  • Old City Hall Courthouse
  • 361 Unviersity Courhouse
  • 311 Jarvis Courhouse

Simcoe County

  • Barrie Ontario Court of Justice
  • Collingwood Ontario Court of Justice

York Region Courts

  • Newmarket Ontario Court of Justice


Our firm has office locations across Ontario. We conveniently serve clients across Southwestern Ontario.

Mississauga Office

Brampton Office

Hamilton Office

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